“Pier 21”, tasty food court at Terminal 21 Asoke


After talking about everything destination, let’s take a break and see what and where we could eat in Bangkok.
Well, tons of place to eat, but mall food court seems to be the best option to taste and enjoy the variety of Thai foods.
And one of our favorite is Pier 21 Food Court / Terminal 21.

???? Located at Terminal 21, Asoke, 5th floor. The mall open, then so is Pier 21 food court.
Just straight walk from Asoke BTS station.

???? Why have to eat here?
► It’s a food court, so you won’t get stuck to choose what you wanna eat. If you go to Noodle restaurant, then you must eat noodle. Here, you can have other than noodle to choose.
► Affordable price, more likely CHEAP!! Oh yeah, check the price of Tom Yum noodle with shrimp+meatballs+squid at Siam Paragon or Platinum food court, Start from 60 – 90 Baht!! While in Pier 21, it’s only 45 Baht!
► The taste. Though the price is truly affordable, doesn’t mean the quality of the food is not that good. We found food here is tasty as other place. In fact, for some menu like Tom Yum, we found the taste is better, as they serve it with less strong sour taste.

So, now you found one great place to eat and it’s affordable in BKK. Great travel will be better with great food no? 🙂

Happy let’s get lost!



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