Asiatique, a huge night market in Chao Phraya river bank.


The complete name is Asiatique Riverfront. Not actually night market, as this place actually already opens around afternoon, but most stalls open like around 6PM. One big market, kinda like mall, but in open air. What makes it unique, this place was actually like one big place that had several big warehouses. Those warehouses today now become mini stalls, restaurants, or stage for performance. Plus located along Chao Phraya river bank, turns this place into one magical place to enjoy what Bangkok really is.


Located in Charoen Krung Rd

To go here, just use the easy way. BTS to Saphan Taksin station ► Go down and take the boat from Taksin pier that located under BTS Saphan Taksin station.

Free boat to Asiatique starts at 4PM. If you wanna go before that, you can use another boat that’ll cost you not more than 20 Baht, per person.

If you happen to stay around pier in Bangkok, taking orange flag boat (14 Baht) to Wat Rajsingkorn is also possible. From that temple, you can have a short walk to Asiatique.

Other than that, take taxi, grab, or uber.

⏲ Open everyday, starts at 4PM to 12AM


Beside shopping, eating, selfie and repeat, this place offers you tons of excitements. If you’re like us who love photography like us, going to the pier area is one great choice.

Stalls that selling mostly cute and unique accessories
You can get yourself a painting as well
There’s place to eat inside and outside the area. Near the pier is the most crowded place, as people love to eat while enjoying the view

Pier area will give you stunning view of Chao Phraya river, Mekong ferris wheel, and also the gorgeous sunset. Make sure you bring your tripod for maximum result.

The crowded at the pier. Go to corner near the ferris wheel for more comfy spot to shoot
Night shoot from the pier
Blue hour at Asiatique pier

Love cabaret show? Calypso Asiatique offers you different sensation of the show everyday. The place is located behind the entry gate of Asiatique in Charoen Krung Road. So if you enter Asiatique from the pier, then you must walk to other side.

Girls from the cabaret show. You can take picture together with them, before or after the show 🙂

In the middle of area, there’s also unique spot where you can “seal” your love with your couple. Try it 🙂

Finally, take a ride that huge Mekong ferris wheel before you end up in some restaurants there.

Special tips ==> If you’re going back from Asiatique using the boat again, once you arrive at Taksin pier, go climb the Taksin bridge and get the special view of the river and Bangkok at night.

View at night from Taksin bridge

Happy let’s get lost guys!! 🙂

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