Luang Rd, a beauty behind Grand Palace


Luang Road. A place that known for automotive parts, to the end of Saranrom Park.

As usual, every road in Bangkok will always offer you their uniqueness. And this road offers you that unique view of local people, old shops, and of course the taste of Bangkok

As usual, to after those smiles that color this city, and find out what hidden gems that treasured inside their small soi.
1 thing, smell of the foods that cooked using charcoal in this place was simply tempting. Most food vendors we met in the small soi here cooked their food with only charcoal. Gotta try it next time!!

Location (map) for all the photos are taken here

As it’s well known for their automotive parts, let’s start the images with the automotive parts shop

At the end of the road, you can go inside a public park, called Saranram park. Remember that this park could lead you Grand Palace from their another exit.

This what we talked about the food aroma along the road. The smell of that charcoal burning with the food, completely tempting.
A woman takes a rest inside the park
Having your lunch inside the park, why not? Since it’s a public park, you can do almost anything here
Friendly motorbike driver that we met along the small soi near Luang road

So, if you’re interesting to visit the place, the map location is mentioned above. Make sure you turn on your google maps if you’re not familiar with the place.

Happy shooting and let’s get lost 🙂

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