Might not the real floating market, but Bangplee old market (Bang Phli) is one of destination that we believe worth your time to visit while in Bangkok. Unlike other “floating” market that mostly crowd with foreign tourist, this market offers you the real definition of “old” in every thing you’ll see and experience there. Well the using of word “old” for this market refers to its age, which reaching more than 130 years old!!

Gorgeous views you can have from the bridge in the market.

Located just around 20km -ish from central Bangkok, makes this market gives you less hassle to enjoy what the real Bangkok life feels like. Moreover with their opening hours that available everyday from 8AM to 5PM, you can visit them any day you like without having to revise your schedule!

It’s “floating” market, sure feeding the fish spot is inevitable.

Exact location of google maps can be seen here. There’s 2 entrances actually to enter this market. First is from Big C Bang Phli, where driver mostly will drop you here, continue walking to the back area of Big C building, and when you find the river, means you found the market. Or second, you can enter from Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai (Buddha temple), that connected to the market directly. If you have no personal vehicle like us, take BTS to Samrong station and continue with taxi. There’s cheaper version where you can take orange song teaw from BTS Samrong, but unfortunately they have no English written name on it. You need to ask them if their song teaw will go to Big C Bang Phli or not.

This is the “boat bridge” you can find when you enter the market from Big C.

Why this market is worth the visit? For us, the word “old” they use really catching our interest to visit. Market it self offers you sensation where you can enjoy the day with old sensation. From the building around where mostly made from woods, items they sell, and everything, they make it so we can feel the sensation of ancient time of shopping in the market. Check out our shots below to understand more why this market is worth your visit.

The market alley is not that wide. Probably only 2 or 3 people can through it. But the view around, that’s another story.
Since the market is located next to the river, you’ll find easily people selling something using their small boat.

If you’re craving for Thai traditional snacks, have no worries, there’s plenty of Thai snacks there.
Unlike inside the market, alley that go through the temple is actually like open space.
Everyone can go to the temple. As long as you dress properly.
The market view you can have if you enter the market from Big C.
We’re fortunate to find one community that giving free haircut there.
One noodle restaurant you can find there.

Waking up your traveling sense already? If yes, don’t think twice to visit this market. Just to visit, feed the fish, or eat noodle there! At least this market won’t cost you too much just to escape the modern and concrete jungle of Bangkok.

Happy let’s get lost!!

Never thought we could find mermaid costume there 🙂

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