Wat Saket, or known as Golden Mount


Introducing 1 Buddhist temple, Wat Saket, that might be less popular for some tourists. Most of tourists usually will know only Grand Palace, Wat Pho, or Wat Arun.

Located actually not that far from Grand Palace, this temple is easy to be seen if you walk through Ratchadamnoen rd. Easy to be seen, as Wat Saket is 80 meters high stupa in gold that you can’t miss. Taxi/uber/grab/tuk-tuk is you most easy choice to get here. Drivers will know directly this place without having you to explain it.

They open everyday from 8.30AM to 5PM

Created during King Rama III reign, Wat Saket was once had its construction collapsed. Until King Rama IV ordered to rebuild and made it stronger, and finally on 1940 it had more concrete to make the construction more solid.

Entering Wat Saket area

Since its construction high above the ground, to explore the place from the gate, you’ll have exactly 344 steps to reach the top. Oh by the way, the entrance fee is only 50 Baht, and it’s paid at the start of the stair πŸ™‚

Buddha statue you’ll see along the stairs
Bangkok view you’ll have before reaching to the top
Big bells that located also before reaching to the top. Ring it to bring some fortune πŸ™‚

Once you reach the top, you’ll enter like big hall where usually Thai people use to pray with monks. You can enter it, make no noise, and respect people who pray inside it.

Inside the hall you’ll see another 4 doors inside which another statue inside. Usually people will go inside to pray as well.

From this hall, you can reach the final top of Wat Saket. The big gilded stupa can be seen by climbing small stairs inside the hall.

The big gilded stupa
Thai people here also do some prayers. If not mistaken, you can walk around the stupa, clockwise, for 7 times to bring more luck πŸ™‚
Thai people hang their money here as offering. So don’t ever think to take it πŸ™‚
Another Bangkok view from the top. Here you can have like 360″ view of Bangkok
Monks are also human who can appreciate beauty of Bangkok πŸ™‚

As closing, don’t ever forget to visit this temple if you go to Bangkok. For 50 baht only, you can have not only great view of Bangkok, but also more knowledge of great temple in Bangkok.

Wat Saket between colors of Bangkok

And also, if you’re interesting to explore the area more, check out this link.

Happy let’s get lost!!

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