Bangkok Chinese Opera


We’re very fortunate to finally able to see in person Chinese Opera in Bangkok. After few years been wondering how to get access to see their performance, our friend comes with info about schedule and location of their performance.

Mostly this opera will take place in Chinatown, Yaowarat, Bangkok during the vegetarian festival. However this time, they perform in Chinese temple located around Sathorn area. Their performance scheduled at 7PM, and we arrive there at 5PM to see the famous make up processing of each performers.

Portrait of King Rama IX inside their stage.

If you’re interesting to know about them, schedule, or anything else, please contact them directly at SaiYongHong.

And here’s some images we able to capture there.

The backstage from outside. Some performers before they start to do the make up
The stage before the performance begins

Music performers to make the show merrier.

Make up tools
Some of performers’ costumes.
Make up is done by themselves, using just small chair and mirror.

it’s only women, male character also play important role in the opera

Ladies in process of make up

The performance in stage
The audience

If you really like to see their performance, please don’t forget to check out their facebook page to know their performance schedule. And the link is already given above.

Happy let’s get lost!

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