Probably you never hear SHELL TANGKAY before. This is another hidden gems of Pattaya has that not everyone will know about it.

View of the road from the restaurant. You can use your motorbike to reach the end of this road, but not car.

Place actually is seafood restaurant, and here we won’t talk about how great the restaurant is. Okay just a bit, this place is known because of the seafood restaurant. The view where you can eat seafood near the sea becomes the main attractive point for this place. More review about the restaurant can be seen many via google.

The end of the road.

What we want to deliver here is another attractive point for this spot, as this is like small pier for local fishermen. Exact location using google maps can be seen here.

View of the end of the pier road.

Speaking of fishermen, means the place would have many boats anchored there and fishermen of course. Local said this place would be crowded in the morning, mostly shopping for seafood products. But if not doing any shopping activity, most fishermen will stay there cleaning/fixing the boat, or fixing their net so can be ready for the next sailing.

Fisherman boats that anchored there.
Fishermen working on their boat.

If you love taking human interest photography, you’ll fall in love instantly to this place. No worries, as like the rest of Thailand, they are very welcome to visitors. Make sure not to forget to put some smiles when you are there. Though we speak very little of Thai language, they still welcome us with friendly smile.

Little kid we met there. Told you they’re super friendly 🙂

And here’s more shots we got there. And sure will encourage you more to visit Pattaya.

Some people buy seafood directly in the boat. And this fisherman tries to give the seafood to customer who buy from his boat.
Not only big boat who goes fishing. Small boats going as well to the sea.
Beside staying in the boat, some fishermen also stay in the pier to fix their net.
Always remember and respect spirit and ancestors.
The car just get some fresh seafood from the boat
Special bonus is the view of “Sanctuary of truth”. Instead of paying 500 Baht, you can shoot it from the pier. Unfortunately the weather when we came was not too friendly. Just imagine what you can get with sunset in this spot.

Make sure you won’t miss this spot in Pattaya for more authentic images of Thailand.

Happy let’s get lost!!

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