Samaesarn, another hidden gems outside Pattaya.


Samaesarn could be considered as hidden gems that located just outside Pattaya. This place might be your best spot to enjoying beach and Thai seafood, if you hate the crowd that Pattaya have today.

Around Samaesarn, you can find many small pier like this for fishermen boats. When they anchored, mostly the place will be crowded with people buying fresh seafood.

Literally this place, among Thai people, is known for their famous Koh Samaesarn. An island that owned by Thai military. If you are foreigner, almost impossible for you to notice any sign that could lead you to this island. And if you can find the way going here, to cross the sea to the island, you need Thai people to go with you as guarantor. If you’re curious to know about this island, you can check the detail here.

The famous Koh Samaesarn. This was taken from its vantage point.

Samaesarn located in Sattahip, around 40km fom Pattaya. Going here, if you’re planning only to explore the area, not going to Koh Samaesarn, better by renting motorbike or car from Pattaya. Since the distance is not too far, this place can be your destination for one day trip.

View from Samaesarn beach.

Most people going here for enjoying seafood in restaurant near the beach. Along the way to Samaesarn from Sattahip, you can find many restaurants and small markets selling sea products. You can stopping by, or enjoying mini snorkeling in Samaesarn beach.

The sign of Samaesarn beach. To reach the beach, you need to go down using quite steep stairs.

To do mini snorkeling, you can follow this google maps link, so you won’t get lost. Why this called mini snorkeling? Coz literally, you can choose to use your simple snorkeling google by walking few meters from the beach line. However, there also service that provides you boat to bring you far from the beach and you can do the real snorkeling there. No fee entrance to enter the beach, but for sure you need to pay for renting snorkeling google or hiring the boat. Park your vehicle once arrived, rent the google (if you want to do snorkeling), go down to the beach, and enjoy your day! Oh also, they have toilet for you to take bath after playing in the beach.

As we told you about mini snorkeling, you won’t need go too far from the beach to view the sea life.
if you decide to swim deeper, there’s boat that could take you.
That far 🙂
A mom watching her daughter swimming in the beach. Need to to tell you if this beach is not big. The sand beach is just a small area from rocks that occupy the beach. Be careful when you decide walk in the rocks.

Now you have something else but Pattaya. If you decide to try and visit Samaesarn, let us know in the comment what you have done there. Should be fun we hope 🙂

Happy let’s get lost!!


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