Sure Thailand is beautiful and free country. Most people love to visit thousand times just to enjoy living in this land of smile. Seems there’s unlimited happiness that Thailand can only offer. However. beside all the good things you can have in Thailand, there’s “rule” (written or not) that you need to know to make sure you have no obstacle in enjoying this beautiful country.

1. Disrespect the Royal family. This is the first to mention, as Royal family is not something you have to talk in public. Royal family is highly regarded in Thai society. Therefore you can see many pictures of the King and his family commemorated throughout the country. But to be safe, just avoid any talking about Royal Family and politic while in Thailand.

2. Hugging monks is very very not recommended. Monks are forbidden to touch women. And for men, they usually have distance to talk with monks and also the position is made sure you are lower than them. Just to show respect to monks.

3. Touching someone’s head is really inappropriate. Thai people consider head is the most sacred body part. So, don’t ever think to touch or pat someone’s hat in Thailand if you’re not really know them. Even if you know them, consider another way to show your emotion.

4. Speaking loud is also not suggested. Like in Japan, speaking loud is considered not proper, especially in public space. When someday you got upset inside the train or bus, remember not to lose your temper outside.

5. Whistling at night in Thailand is believed can attract evil spirits to come. Even when you’re drunk, don’t whistling at night, or you’ll wake up somewhere unknown 😀

6. Mind your feet. Means don’t use your feet to point at something, touching someone, or put it in the table like a boss in movie.

Always sit properly wherever you are

7. Don’t show your love too much in public. If you are here with your girl/boyfriend, husband, or wife, better to show your affection in hotel room only. Kissing and snogging in malls really not wise decision while you’re in Thailand. Holding hands is okay, but this also prohibited when you are inside the temple.

8. Don’t stay illegally. Thailand now have strict rules about overstayers or illegal tourist. Check out here for more detail of what you’ll get for staying illegally in Thailand.

Actually is easy to enjoy Thailand. Basically all you need to do is being polite. Though some things are different with your home country, but while here, try to stick to the rules.

Happy let’s get lost!!

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